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About Me

Hi I’m Janice! I am a soulful artist, teacher, creativity & spiritual mindset coach.

I live a wonderful abundant life that is filled with freedom to express my dreams and love. My life is sacred and nourishing and one of ease, joy and creativity. My world is one where others remember and become powerful creators of their heart’s desires, in their own life. 

I love deeply, passionately and authentically. I love myself as a dreamer and visionary and this opens my heart to love others and their own dreams. I help you dream again and begin to vision your dreams into being. I use my gifts of creativity, wisdom and intuition to lift, inspire and believe in your ability to do this in your life. 

I lead with creativity and inspiration, empowered in ways that uplift the Universal laws, principles and truths. I lead by instilling hope within others and cultivating a world where we are all living as conscious, purposeful creators in our own life. 

About My Painting: Paint from your soul! For sure, that’s my mantra. Not only do I paint from my soul but painting nurtures my connection to my soul. We live in a world of color, energy and movement, and art should capture these qualities and stir emotions when others view it. How could that possibly happen if, as an artist, I am not connected to that powerful creative force flowing through me? Connecting to my creative energy is a daily lifestyle for me. I am passionate about being connected and being creative every day, along with coaching others do the same. 

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