What People are Saying About The Creation Guild Book

Thoughts: June 21. “From my obscurity came forth a light and illuminated my path.” Kahil Gibran

“I love it! A Powerful Story about how to ride the waves of life from an author who has actually experienced LIFE and come out bold and beautiful as a beacon of light for others.” Carol Taylor, Author of Smiling Single Mom

“I couldn’t put it down! Clear, poignant and full of advice for everyone, young and old.” Amy C.

“I read this book three times and am still learning from it! Love it!” Paulette K.

“This book contains all the secrets to manifesting a life of your dreams! The methods, when implemented will make huge changes in your life. It works!” Emily S. 

What People are Saying About The Online Courses

Dream & Journey

“Well.. 2 days ago I was upset that I would probably have to cancel my next course with you.
On Tuesday my husband lost his job at …. that sinking sickening feeling came rushing back from 5 years ago when he was let go from his previous job. That feeling like everything is coming crashing down around you. It’s horrible.
All I could think of was “my job will not pay our bills”… and why… WHY does this happen when we were doing so well the last few months and finally getting ahead!! But then I thought about it more and it became clear what was happening…..

Sunday and Monday I worked on completing a dream mandala that my husband and I were creating together, I just felt the pull to write more and finish it. I also wrote in my journal for quite some time and I wrote a letter to the Universe… then I decided to practice my new skills at surrendering to the Universe (thank you 😉).

I asked for a sign, guidance… for someone to tell us, show us, what we were supposed to do with all our worries & stress around my job, my husband’s  job and our house.

I finished everything Monday night.

Tuesday morning hubby gave his resume to a guy he had be talking to from a welding shop, as things at his current job had been rocky since the beginning of the year, he decided it couldn’t hurt to start looking around.
Tuesday at lunch time he was layed off & things gradually got worse for me at work this week too!! I was a complete mess.
But then…Wednesday he got a call from his resume.
And this morning he was offered the job… with a nice increase in pay for him to go with it 🙌
To make things better, after I had also been wondering if I should just have a job change too…my boss called me into her office at the end of today and offered to give my husband $500 for some work he had done around my workplace and told me that they would pay him from now on when he helps out… also I should get my old job position back this Fall (like I had been praying for). 🙌
Oh and can’t forget! We decided to put our home up for sale (something we have been thinking about for a year now) and buy a much smaller home again… with an even smaller mortgage payment so that we can enjoy life and live our dream life!
So, it’s been one heck of a week… and just like with my very first dream Mandala… everything changed within 2 days ❤
My whole point is that YOU are a miracle worker Janice.
Without any of the tools I now have, thanks to you, I wouldn’t be able to create the perfect life so easily.
Thanks to you I know how to make things change if I need them to. I know how to create HUGE shifts, how to center myself during times of great stress and worry… how to keep myself connected and back on the right path.
I always know now that I can have anything I dream of and the Universe is always listening and always ready to help.
I’m so grateful for you and all your guidance these last few years, so with all my heart I wanted to say a BIG Thank you ❤💕❤💕❤
I’ll stop rambling now, because my eyes are all wet and blurry “😘💖  Joanna C.

Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness

“Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness, and Janice gave me the tools to pick myself up and strip back my ego, my limiting beliefs, my story I have wrapped around myself like a security blanket. I can now stand in my heart center and choose a different path. Janice has taught me that I had wings all along but couldn’t see them. As they came to life on my canvas my eyes were opened, I remembered them from dreams. When I took the heavy blanket of my stories off my shoulders they were free to open. As the blanket of my ego tried to knit itself back together I have learned to recognize the signs. I can now shake it off and my soul can fly higher. Again and again I can choose the higher path. It is becoming a habit. And the more I use my wings the stronger they become. I am like a bird that doesn’t put its faith on the branch, but on my ability to use my wings and fly.”

Larissa Manser

“This course has changed me. In a real and profound way – my very core and the essence of WHO I am is no longer the same. I. Am. Better. I feel like I am embracing who I am and was always meant to be. I know in my heart of hearts that my purpose in this lifetime is to live a life where I guenuinely commit to making this world a better place…where my actions and intentions ring light to this world and miracles to those who live here. Janice supported me in ways that I needed the most. She was always available, not just during the weekly calls, but when I faced difficulties with different lessons during the 42 days. She is a talented and gifted lightworker.” Lori

The Creative Mystic:

“Love what this Lady offers  incredible- professional Teacher, Coach, Guide, Artist 🙏” – Carrie G.

“Let me tell you a short story.
This past January, I finished a course with Janice. It marked just over a year of taking classes from her. I was merrily walking along on the road of life, feeling courageous, empowered & happy. When all of a sudden, unknowingly and unwittingly, I seemed to have stepped off the edge of a cliff.  This ugly feeling was familiar to me and detestable. I knew I had to nip it in the bud and stop the train that was barreling toward me on a track. And I knew I could. You see, I am different now… so very much different- thanks to Janice. I can see the signs. I recognize the ego and the destruction it causes and ultimately leaves in its wake when left unchecked. I now possess the skills and strategies to work towards getting myself back onto the road I had been travelling on. 

The self-awareness, new-found techniques and clearer understanding I now have reminds me of a tool box. The contents of this new box are unlike the old tools I relied on before. My old tools were unhealthy choices that worked like a band aid. They could cover up a mess for a while, but that band aid eventually has to be ripped off, and thereby exposing the same raw hurt from before. Janice has taught me new tools that allow me to grow and flourish. I realize that hard work and consistent dedication is required to live a life of Miracles. But I can’t imagine living my life any other way. The lessons I’ve learned from Janice are an invaluable and treasured gift. I can’t thank her enough.”

Lori Lynn

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