Finding Your ‘THIS IS IT’ Moments!

Being Aware of ‘THIS IS IT!” Moments will Manifest a Life of Happiness & Dream Creations!

We are in the midst of the holiday season and it can be difficult to stop and just breathe. Our days are filled with rushing around, making preparations, shopping, attending events, all with a very full schedule that seems to continually fill up with more and more activities.
This season my husband and I were invited to a December wedding in Canmore. A beautiful ceremony in the mountains that we were honored to be present along with our friends. Who wouldn’t love to go to a winter wedding in the mountains? It was magical.
When the day came it was very cold as it usually is in December in the mountains; however it was an especially cold day and evening reaching down to -30 celsius.
Of course it had been a busy week getting things prepared to attend this wedding, along with other festive activities, and both of us were fighting off that seasonal flu bug that had been going around. We were tired, as so many are at this time of year. But we made it and were happy to be there.
After the ceremony, the family went off for pictures and we went off to have supper at a local restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant we were surprised to find it was completely empty. We had the dining room to ourselves and were seated in front of the fireplace. The waitress thought the cold was keeping people tucked away in their own homes and chalets. This was probably so, as it was extremely cold even for the locals. We ordered some drinks and our meals and while we waited I gazed out the windows that surrounded us to the amazing scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Suddenly I became fully present in this moment and felt the energy surge through me. I looked at my husband and excitedly exclaimed, “This is it! This is it!”
Startled he looked at me and said, “What? What are you talking about?”
“This is it! These are the moments! These are THE moments!”
He smiled, slowly grasping where my thoughts were headed.
I continued, “These are the moments! Look around! Look at where we are! Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains on a winter day, in front of a warm fire in a lovely rustic restaurant, a glass of wine in front of me, with my husband who I have loved since I was a young teenager, and a delicious meal on its way! These are the moments that make life so perfect! Oh my gosh! I have dreamed of this! If this is the best that it gets, I am forever grateful!”
We all love beautiful spaces and places and this was one of exceptional beauty.
Many years ago, when we were first married, I used to dream about a romantic winter weekend getaway in the mountains. Of course then we lived on the other side of this country and a weekend getaway would have cost us thousands of dollars. I had never seen the mountains and as a young married couple, this remained in my dreams.
Thirty-four years later, somehow here we were!
Clarity is a beautiful thing and brings you instantly to the present. It was at this moment that I realized what had transpired from those dreams without any effort or planning. It had just transpired on its own, in its own timing.
I share this story with you, certainly not to boast, instead my hope is to inspire you in two ways:
 One is that to reinforce for you that we are the creator of what manifests in our lives,
 And the other is to be aware of those moments and open your heart to them, thereby creating more and more of these experiences.
The more we are aware of the gifts in our life, the more the Universe responds and delivers even more. I know there are many more moments to come in my life and I’m sure there will be bigger and better, because I have seen it in my mind. When we are fully aware and present in those moments at the point of manifestation, expanding our hearts with gratitude, we open the flow for more of our dreams to manifest in our lives.
The holiday season is incredibly busy for everyone. We work full days, rush around on our evenings and weekends getting ready for all the gatherings of family and friends, with barely enough energy left over to enjoy these events. And yet it is filled with these potential moments if we become fully aware of them. You to be ready for them!
Taking time to be playful and creative helps relieve the stress and opens you to the flow. Slow down, breathe, play games, color, decorate, bake, read, ski, do whatever you do that makes you happy. And practice being fully present in the moments with your loved ones. Put away the phone and look them in the eye. Be fully present for them. And when you do, you will find you are fully present for you too.
I write these words knowing I have much work to do around this. My mind continually pulls my thoughts here and there, planning and making lists. But this peaceful presence is where I want to be, this is what I strive for. These are the moments I want to experience in life because isn’t this what it means to live a life of happiness as opposed to a happy life?
These are the moments that make our life rich and full. These are the memories we savor when we look back on our life; gathering with family and friends, good food and conversation, bonding us together.
Connect to your creative, playful energy to open your heart and just enjoy the moments. Recognize the ‘this is it!’ moments in your life; the ones that fill your heart.
Happy holidays everyone and wishing you a new year filled with your own creative energy!

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