Heart Awakened 12 Days of Manifesting

Hello my friend,

I am so incredibly grateful to be in the presence of so many awakened, soulfully aligned women!

I love you all deeply. 

When you decide to intentionally manifest your dreams, you begin to lead your life and this brings through so much new energy into your creations.

It is much easier to do this with a group of like-minded women!

I have learned this; stay in the energy of people who are growing.

Hang out within the energy of women who have committed to this life!

The woman you become, on this path; the soul growth, self-actualization, personal growth (call it what you want) is beyond words. 

You become empowered to take the wheel of your life.

You begin to believe in yourself.

You begin to feel worthy of your dreams.

And they begin to materialize in your world.

This is so much more than just visualizing.

This is about you evolving.

In the Heart Awakening 12 Days of Manifesting the energy will impact you in new ways. 

Commit to you and your dreams.

We continue with awakening & opening our heart and learning even more about manifesting through the heart.

Come walk these 12 days with me where we will be immersed in the energy of self-leading and growing into the woman who has it all! 

All the love, empowerment, beauty, financial abundance, and the ability to make your own choices.

So much more than wanting the things….it is about becoming more of you through your heart.

For you, for us, for the world.

Yes we all want more fun, adventures, peace within, and financial freedom.

But more than anything you want sovereignty in your life.

The ability to choose what you want to create.

You want to know you can have the power of choice, the freedom to create.

You want to know how to believe in this. 

Well, come hang out with me for awhile.

Be in the energy of those who do believe and your energy will begin to resonate to this too.

And when you can believe that maybe you can do it – you begin to fly with your manifesting. 

I used to believe I could figure it out alone. 

Now I know it is much faster to fly within the energy of sisterhood. 

We create more together.

Together we collapse time.

Do this for you. 

Join me here: https://the-art-of-a-soulfully-inspired-life.teachable.com/p/heart-awakening-12-days-of-manifesting

We will begin December 6th and end on December 21st Winter Solstice! 

The schedule is on the sales page right here: https://the-art-of-a-soulfully-inspired-life.teachable.com/p/heart-awakening-12-days-of-manifesting

Let’s begin 2022 ready for more and knowing how to create more powerfully than ever before!

Your way.

Your path.

Your life. 

Have an intentionally creative week,

Love Janice

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