I Said Yes to the Universe

Saying Yes to the Universe

Christmas night as I was putting a few things away, my sleeve brushed across my deck, The Divine Feminine and a card fell on the floor. The card was Mary of Nazareth. 

This is not a coincidence. How perfect is this timing to have this card pop out on Christmas night.

The Universe speaks to us in many ways and if we are listening the guidance comes through for us.

Meggan Watterson describes this card as the divine feminine being who said yes to the Angel Gabriel.

Mary surrendered to becoming the mother of God. She had no idea what was ahead for her, yet she says yes to be in service with the divine. The angel Gabriel guides her to “be not afraid,” and so she allowed the divine to flow through her. She allowed joy to guide her.

Mary leads us to trust that we can say yes to what feels light.

It doesn’t have to make sense or work in the timeline of our ego, in the midst of our ordinary, everyday lives, we can say yes to the angel who greets us through the space in our heart and let the energy of joy guide our vision.

How does this message bring you guidance?

Are you following the light in your heart?

Are you allowing your heart to lead you?

And even more so,

Are you committing to living a life through your heart, consciously co-creating with the Universe to anchor in more light in our world?

These are great questions for all of us as we begin a new year.

Last September, I said Yes to the Universe. I said yes, I would walk on this earth softly and I promised to lead whoever wanted to follow this path. I promised to teach what I was learning about the divine feminine to other women. I visioned a tipi and promised that with this tipi I would have sacred gatherings that would remind us all to remain humble while we stepped into our divine feminine power. We as women, are beginning to truly access our unique creative power. 

More and more of us are becoming masters of manifesting. We are manifesting a lifestyle of our own heart’s desires.We are manifesting the financial abundance that allows us to live the life of our desires. (See the video below of how I manifested a tipi!)

We see women all over the world now becoming millionaires in areas that were always dominated by men. They are creating their own businesses that are serving our world in many different ways. Women are accessing some of the money that is circulating around the world and this is allowing them to create new movements.. They are rising in influential power all different arenas of the world. 

However we want to do better than has been done in the past. This is how women will create a new world.

As we access our feminine potentiality gateway, we want to remember the sacred elements of this power.

It is so easy for the ego to sneak in through the back door, and so walking softly on this earth, leading through our awakened heart must be remembered and taught, always.To those of us rising and to our children as they grow.

Gathering together not only raises the energy around us helping us continue to grow into our highest potential, but it also brings us back into the sacred divine feminine. This gathering together is where we stay humble, feeling the sacred power flowing through us, feeling gratitude and also reflecting on what is needed on our earth. It is a time to center into our heart, exude gratitude, pause and reflect and stay true to creating through our hearts.

And so, this is what we will begin in the free Masterclass Soul Revolution. 

We will center into our awakened heart, feel gratitude expand and the sacred power flowing through us. 

We will pause and reflect through celebrating what we have created this year.

Then stay true to what is coming through for us to create in the new year. 

Where does your heart want to create more in your life?

What is your heart expressing to you? 

Join me for this free masterclass on Tuesday Dec.28th and Wednesday Dec 29th at 7pm MT to begin your Soul Revolution for 2022. 

This will be happening live in Soulfully Aligned Women and you can receive the recordings by signing up through this link here,

These years we have been through, along with 2022 are powerful years of manifesting with the Universe.

Come learn how to do this that will bring in the desires of your heart. 

Click here to join us and receive the recordings of the live event.

Love Janice

Be sure to watch this video right to the end to see how the tipi manifested for us!

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