Inspiration from Nature’s Creations

Inspiration from Nature’s Creations

If you ever get the opportunity to stand at the base of a mountain please take it! I highly recommend that everyone do this at least once in their life as it reminds us all where our place in this world really is. Recently as we drove through Roger's Pass into B.C. I was in awe-inspiration looking at the immensity of the landscape. I have been through this pass several times but every time, undoubtedly, I am humbled. I am reminded that I am such a tiny piece to this amazing tapestry of life.

We humans have certainly accomplished such unbelievable feats - like actually building the beautiful highway through the Rocky Mountains! I am in wonder of the work of so many hands, and lives, it took to accomplish the privilege of me being able to easily drive through these passes. It truly is one of the wonders of the world in my eyes. There is no doubt that we are capable of harnessing great creativity, power and intelligence to carry through with anything we want when we put our minds together and set our intentions.

However, we can not forget our place in this world. This means forever holding our respect for our planet and the beauty it holds for us. The mountains are truly magnificent, and the trees!

Oh, the trees! There are no words for the trees. Imagine our world without trees - but we can't as we would not be here without them. They are our life lines for our physical existence. They are the power towers holding space for all of us, so peacefully standing in formidable presence, always giving. And there are so many more of them than there are of us, thankfully!

And so, standing at the base of a mountain looking out at the staggering land of trees as they layer themselves up the sides of these sentinels, brings a feeling of humbling reverence we all need once in a while. And a reminder that the greatest creation is our beautiful earth and this always inspires me to create!

Talk soon friends,
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