Rich undertones colors & life blog by Janice Gallant

It’s All About the Rich Undertones

Rich undertones colors & life blog by Janice Gallant

The Rich Undertones Makes a Great Painting (& Life)

I'm learning to use undertones more effectively in my paintings. To lay the colors down, using temperature to capture the light, the cool shadows, and the warmth of the sun's glow. These layers become completely hidden eventually, with time and patience as I lay over them vibrant colors that will dance the viewer's eye around the canvas. Nevertheless these under-layers and tones are the foundation of the painting, creating a richness and depth to the colors that could not happen without them.

While reflecting I became aware of the connection to my life. The past experiences that make up the layers of our own lives become the undertones to our present day. It really is all about the undertones and layers!

As we grow through life, every experience and interaction we have becomes another layer of color adding to the beauty of who we are now. We hold all the colorful melodies beneath our surface and they can all add richness, grace and sparkle to the one we call 'me.'

Our childhood, family, friends, job experiences and life experiences are the undertones of the tapestry of our own life, woven together in a way we could not have orchestrated on our own. And they continue to add richness to our lives every day. How many times have you looked back on life events and realized the significance of these experiences in the development of where you are now? At the time you may have questioned why, but in time you see how everything has come together to add growth and depth to who you are now.

Too often I find my mind consumed with the surface events of life, instead of feeling that underlying heartbeat that waits patiently for me to return. A candle burning, a quiet cup of coffee, a text from a loved one, a home cooked meal - all woven into the different fibers of my life, filling every nook and cranny. This is the place I want to dwell in. This is the place I want to create with intention from, feeling the gratitude of my life story and the growth it has given me.

It is not the final painting (creation) that gives so much pleasure to the creator as much as the layering and playing of color that happens beneath the surface, day to day. And now I find that each stroke of paint on the canvas placed intentionally adds beauty to my life. Each layer appreciated and loved brings fullness and expansion to this beauty.

These layers add richness to our lives and make this life worth living. All the little pieces around me make up the life of my dreams. And as I move through my life day to day, I see more clearly the holy fingerprints left in my past, giving me glimmers of the divine Creative Energy presence running through me. And I continue to create on my canvas of life!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Chat soon,

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