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Letting Go of Old Energy (& Socks)

Letting Go of Old Energy

Today I woke up realizing I needed to say goodbye to my favorite pair of socks. It’s not that anything was wrong with them in the proper order of things. They were both facing the right direction, both still warm, cozy and the perfect color. But there was a stagnant smell to them, not sweaty, just old. And it wasn’t coming out in the wash. So, I made the decision – it was time for them to go. I thanked them for their comfort and warmth, but we needed to part ways.
Letting go of old, comfy stuff can be hard. I know it is for me. I think it comes from years of being stuck in the survival energy and becoming a master of improvising in my life with whatever I have laying around. This can be old ancestral energy coming down from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. They survived through wars and the Depression, Dirty Thirty’s and so forth. That survival energy is very sticky – and slow. We have lulls in our life where we may slip back and get a little stuck in that old ancestral pattern that holds fear at its core.
It takes a conscious shift in our minds to move away from it. And once you make that intention magic begins. This morning I made that intention and I could feel that fire flare up inside me. It comes after a few weeks of a slow burn. It feels so good and washes through me, dissolving the slow stagnant sludge that has been lingering in my body and mind, clouding my thinking. Sometimes you just need to ride this out, trusting and knowing the fire will flare up again and with it comes clearer vision and inspiration. I think of my kids and I can see that fire in them too. We all have it. When things get sluggish and life begins to crawl we have that effervescent light that glows with our highest aspirations and it can bring us back to our deepest moments of awareness and clarity, guiding us to the next step.
This comes at a good time today, as we are now moving into the Fall Equinox and setting intentions is pivotal to our creations. My intention is to move out of old patterns of energy with grace, and allow the new adventures to more hidden jewels (and socks) to unfold with renewed inspirations. I am excited to begin new creations in my life in all forms and to allow the currents of my old creations to drive me forward living a life of magic and marvel.
And so let’s all say goodbye to old socks, appreciating the comfort and security they have given, but open up to new adventures with courage. Trust that the world is full of many more new socks, softer and more colorful than the old ones, for you to find.
All we have to do is be open to the flow and follow the signs to the next new ‘sock store’ full of new creative adventures.
Happy Fall Equinox Friends!

3 thoughts on “Letting Go of Old Energy (& Socks)

  1. Liz Betz - September 25, 2016

    Loved the thoughts you’ve expressed here and all of this resonated with my own equinox actions. I write and my ‘old socks’ were a batch of unused books and notes that were in my resource library. But upon assessment I realized they weren’t being used.
    Liz Betz

    1. jgallantart - September 25, 2016

      Liz, thanks so much for your comments. Doesn’t it feel great when we let go of those ‘old socks’ and create space for more clarity and intention! I love it! Let it go…let it go…let it go…breathe…ahhh..YES!

  2. Paulette Kananen - October 7, 2016

    Janice, I have returned to your blog as I wanted to read it again. It is great, just as it was the first time. I love that you threw out ‘old socks’. It has reminded me of re-evaluating my own intentions and ‘stuff’. Thank you for the reminder. It is time to clean my closet!

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