Overcoming Family Limitations

Sometimes reaching for more can feel so hard. How do I overcome the limitations and move beyond these limitations that have been set for me by family members past and present?

When you sit in your awakened heart you are able to feel all the potential within you.

You live in a limitless Universe and the human limits you place on yourself make you feel very small in comparison to what could be.

Be in your awakened heart – feel into the expansion of limitlessness.

Feel the excitement of all possibilities.

This is how you access the power.

This is how you reclaim the power that is you and always has been in you.

You rise above the limitations of the 3D world, all the past traumas, hurts, experiences, and you remember that there is so much more beauty and joy in this Universe.

There is so much more light than darkness.

And when you focus on this light you expand the light in your own vision.

You expand the possibilities as all potentialities exist within you and within the Universe.

Shift your focus – that is all.

It is a choice, a decision, that you make.

This is your willpower.

How beautiful was that message? I loved it.

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Have a beautiful week of intentional manifesting,

Love Janice

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