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Returning to Love

More Love = Less Ego

Returning to Love

This passed year around the world was such a hurtful year full of angry words, resentment and ego. This is not the focus I like to have when I reflect on the year. As many people know me I prefer to look at the positives and yes there were many positives. But it is hard to look at 2017 and not have all the events from the media roll through your mind like a moving picture.

And so this morning as I reflected, I looked at what would I want for myself, my loved ones and the world in the coming new year.

As a student of The Course of Miracles, I look into the text for guidance and I am brought back to the heart.

The Course in Miracles is a text that teaches us that a miracle is a shift in thought that changes your perception and in return fills your heart with healing and love. It teaches that nothing is real except love and that even time does not exist.

Since the course says time does not exist then the healing or as the text refers to the resurrection does not exist in the future but is in this moment now. The crucifiction has no message without the resurrection. In other words the pain of experiences is not helpful without the learning and growth we receive from it. The miracle brings healing. The Universe does not bring you pain it brings you the miracle.

Let me bring this to a more personal level for you. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, or a relationship, or anything else that has shifted your life to one of heartache, your miracle is the understanding that nothing is real except love. Death is not real, it is a transition; a shedding of a well-used body, but the soul remains. When we pass our soul is on a different frequency, not gone. Nothing of this earth is forever except love. We all know that we will all die one day; everything on this physical plane has its time. This body we are using will not go on forever but the light within us will. We need to untie our bonds to the physical world and allow our hearts to see and feel the truth. When a relationship ends, the love you shared between you lives on forever. The bonds of love you had are there forever, nothing can change that. Only the love that is given and received from our experiences is real. Everything else is not real.

Yes I know, this is deep stuff and takes time to understand but if you look into your heart you know it is truth. Most of us don’t want to think of this until we are forced to. Yes, time softens the emotions of pain and allows you to see more clearly through the love you shared but the miracle happens the moment you shift your perception away from the pain to the love. And the course teaches that prayer brings the miracle. When you are struggling ask for help through prayer.

This brings us to my thoughts of where we are on this earth globally and what we need to move forward with peace.

We people here on earth are not bad; we are wounded. We have alienated ourselves from the true Universal love that we are born with and is inherent in all of us. Our fear of this light keeps us from trusting in the Universe.

The first thing we need is forgiveness. I once heard forgiveness is giving up on the idea that the past could be something different. The past is done. Moving forward into forgiveness means allowing that to be, and focusing on the future. Forgiveness is not condoning but simply letting it be and allowing your own heart to heal.

We need two things: a mass collective forgiveness for the past and our own personal forgiveness of ourselves.

The ancestors of every country have made mistakes in the past. We need to ask forgiveness from all of the people we have hurt from these mistakes; the First Nations, the African American, the Jewish, the gay,,…and all others who have been ostracized, alienated and shunned from our societies. Individually and collectively we need to learn from our mistakes through history and move forward towards healing. Acknowledging and owning our mistakes, then asking for forgiveness with humbleness makes a country stronger and shows leadership.

This form of collective forgiveness can begin only when we acknowledge and take responsibility for our own individual past actions and mistakes and have forgiven ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves and don’t feel we deserve love. The ache we feel inside festers and to relieve the pain we lash out at others hoping this will ease the pain. Instead we think it relieves our pain, but only momentarily as soon it comes rushing back tenfold. Hurting others does brings us more pain. Our ego tries to protect us, telling us they deserved it or we deserve more respect. Personal awareness requires being brave and recognizing when our ego is interfering and blocking our alignment with love. This is a daily practice of recognizing ego thoughts and forgiving ourselves and letting ego go.

Wayne Dyer always said ego is edging god out. I love this and feel it is so true. Our ego will give us reasons and excuses for us to use keeping us feeling separate from everyone and the love that we are. That is the mission of the ego; to make you feel different whether that be inferior or superior to everyone else it does not matter, as long as you are on a separate island.

But we are all made of the same stuff and at the core of that ‘stuff’ is love. Our soul is love and so we yearn to return home to that feeling. Have you ever noticed that when something terrible happens, a terrible accident or a death, every other emotion dissipates. All anger or resentment evaporates and you are left with a deep well of caring and love. I’ve noticed and heard others say that when someone dies the anger they had for that person dissipates. That is because the only thing real is love.

My wish for you through this new year is your growing awareness that love is all that matters. That all this physical earth is a fun ride but it is just a ride.

I wish you all your return to love and that you will witness the surrendering to love all around the world.

Less ego and more love worldwide.

Many Creative Blessings,


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