Shifting Through Soul Retrievals

Shifting Through A Soul Retrieval

Mending the fragmented self through a soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that brings you more power, peace and a feeling of completeness. It allows you to move forward, acknowledging events in your past for their learning, while bringing your full power into your now. 

As a soul, you can never be separated into pieces, however similar to your mind’s focus being too divided on multiple tasks, pieces of your soul cling to certain events from your past, or even past lives. 

Who is a Soul Retrieval for?

If you find you are living repetitive patterns that are not serving you,

If you are feeling stuck in your life,

If you feel small or insignificant, not being heard or being pushed around by others,

If you feel stuck in victim mode,

If you have had past traumatic life experiences, 

If you feel like you are so ready to rise up and out of anything holding you back

A soul retrieval will help you bring your power into your present body, mind and spirit.

How does it help you?

When you are doing the healing work in your life, a soul retrieval will speed things up bringing the pieces of your soul back to your present now.

This is a very empowering experience that brings you into your higher power, releasing the patterns of being afraid to shine your light brightly, feeling like a victim, or living with doubts and fears of moving forward in your life.

The Process: 

Through a shamanic practice of journeying, I help find these energy soul pieces that are ready to come back to you. This is a deep meditative process and can be done through long distance so there is no need for you to be present with me. 

Energy moves through time and space effortlessly. The results can be felt immediately or over the next few days.

This is not a one session process. I hold this space for you through the healing session and through the next month. It is important that you are ready and are able to spend some time to hold yourself gently throughout this time period.

We begin with a zoom video chat or phone call to discuss the process for you and how you can prepare for this healing. 

We then set a date and time where you can be relaxing quietly, while I do the journey on your behalf. 

The soul retrieval is followed up with another zoom video meeting or phone call to discuss the results and to give you a process of continuing this healing over the next 21 days.

 This is important to integrate the soul fully back into your now, and to prevent falling back into patterns. 

I give you meditations, prayers & affirmations, journaling, as well as creative activities to continue to integrate your energy and bring you fully into your higher power energy and beautiful support.

We stay connected through emails, texts and if needed calls over these 21 days so you are wrapped in an energy of love and support as you heal fully. 


Jen Shares Her Experience

How We Begin

When you click the link to begin the process, you will choose a time where we can have our first call or video chat. In this call I will answer your questions and learn more about where you are at.

If you decide to proceed I will send you a link for payment $888 and we will set the time for your soul retrieval.

Monthly pay plans are also available upon request (2 or 3 payments)

Soul Retrievals are a gentle, loving process that will bring you to your next level of growth and are surrounded with divine light.

If you are feeling the pull, then your own higher power is guiding you to this process and I am honored to support you in this healing.

Hope to see you soon,

Love Janice

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