How to Surrender to the Universe

Four Steps to Allowing the Creative Flow to Unfold Through Your Life

Living a life that is spirit driven requires surrender; surrendering your control to the divine plan, or as I usually say, to the flow of your creative source energy. And when you think you have surrendered completely, surrender more!

This is a constant trust building exercise for me. I have always been a go-getter, a do-it-yourselfer. So if you are even a little like me, letting go into trust is a daily process and we need to work on building our awareness with daily intention. It is a daily practice of noticing the support that is given to you in every way, every day. 

Watch the video then review the steps below

Here are 4 steps that help me reach for surrendering to, and trusting my creative source energy:

  1. Move – Get up and move your body every day. This not only gets the blood flowing but also helps move your energy. Exercise, in whatever form you take; walking, running, swimming, yoga…, raises your vibration up to meet the vibration of your higher self. It helps to bring you into a closer alignment with your source.
  2. Meditate to Align – After you exercise, take 10-20 minutes before you go out the door and do your meditation! Align with your source before you begin your day! (My audio meditation is about 10 mins).
  3. Ask  Questions – While you are in the meditative state ask “What is trying to evolve in my life right now?“ Or as Michael Beckwith says, ‘What is emerging in my life right now? How do I need to grow to allow this energy to move through me?`  Avoid questions like, what am I doing wrong? Or what is wrong with me? Because the Universe just won’t meet you there.
  4. Intention – Show up for your day with 100% intention that you will do whatever is needed and then follow your inspiration. Be open to allowing the divine plan to unfold with grace through your life. Set your intention to become more aware of the events that show you are supported. This may come in a variety of ways; offers of help, a friend buys your coffee, a front row parking space opens up for you, a difficult task becomes easier in some way…and be sure to acknowledge this with gratitude.

You are not handing over your life and losing control because the Universe has your back. The Universe is a mighty powerful force and is conspiring to bring you more joy and happiness than you could ever imagine. It has a much bigger plan for you and can maneuver events that you could never have even thought of.

But you need to get out of the way for this to happen!

Have a wonderful day of creative flow friends!

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Happy Creating,

Love Janice

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