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What is this Creation Guild thing?

Staying Creatively Inspired

Every day a greater number of people are recognizing there is a much more to creating our life than just floating down the river, hoping opportunities and luck will be on your journey. As awareness begins to emerge to a new level there is increased need for guidance, from those further on the path, to help others build the life of their dreams.

Life does not have to be a struggle! And you can be have inspired creativity every day, creating the life you desire.

We are all creators working on great masterpieces in our lives. Whatever it is for each of us; career goals, fitness/health goals, artistic or musical creations, a new car, the love of your life.… whatever you aspire to, having an open flow with your Creative Energy Source heralds inspired and genius work. Here you find a great power available to everyone, and when we consciously align and work with this flow we discover many subtle nuances that can either block or enhance this available power. Tapping into the continuous flow of your Creative Energy Source allows you to become the wholly aware architect who builds foundations for the full, rich beauty of your masterpieces to emerge.

Perhaps you have already felt this inspiration and power move through your life.

Then you already know how elusive it can feel.

It appears suddenly one day and you feel like you are on top of the world, glowing with excitement and anticipation, only to find it dissipates without warning, leaving you in stagnant holes feeling doubt or weakness, or perhaps even monotony or boredom with your life. You may feel frustrated because it comes and goes so unpredictably.

Learning from those of us who have been working with this energy for many years can save you frustration and help you grow quicker than fumbling through this alone. It is time for everyone to align with this energy.

What exactly is this surge of power and how can you continuously bask in It?

What is the connection of this flow to the creations or manifestations in your life?

The Creation Guild is my book that walks you through the basic steps of intentionally connecting with your Creative Energy Source, feeling it and using it to inspire your creations and build a life of your dreams. With it you learn how to develop your awareness of all the essential tiny tweaks that refine and enhance your connection, tapping deeper into this powerful Creative Energy Source.

The Creation Guild blog (a continuation of the book) where I will share my journey with you - how I try to help myself stay connected to this Creative Energy Source daily. My blog will be authentic and real, showing you that every day is a new day that deserves your focus and intention to stay in this flow, creating not only my art, but my life. I don't always nail it, and you won't either, however communicating helps everyone.

I learned to quiet my mind, ask the right questions and then listen. Through silence the learning came to me, but it took many months and years of working it out to understand how delicate this energy can be and I learned the fine distinctions for creating.

Now it is not difficult to do this, in fact the steps are fairly simple. However you need to be a dedicated learner and it is immensely easier with some coaching from someone who has persevered through it.

As a professional teacher I present the steps in easy language to reveal these subtle energetic layers, and set you on your way to having a clear and instantly accessible connection with your Creative Energy Source. In my book you hear my own authentic accounts of blocked, stagnant days of struggle, and how I learned to catapult myself forward advancing to new levels of inspiration and manifesting. And the journey continues!

I love life, everyday! Even the 'bad' days 🙂
Being connected with The Creation Guild can help you learn how to soar with inspired creations!

I invite you to come along with me as we build the community of The Creation Guild, for the time has come for all of us to leave the struggle behind and learn how to refine the craft of manifesting the life of our dreams through the flow of our Creative Energy Source.

Talk soon,
P.S. For a free copy of my meditation and process click the link below and I will happily send it to you.

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