Physical abundance & spiritual abundance are linked. Blog by Janice Gallant

The Connection Between Spiritual Abundance & Physical Abundance

Physical abundance & spiritual abundance are linked. Blog by Janice Gallant

The Connection Between Physical Abundance and Spiritual Abundance

Are you yearning for more abundance in your life? Physical abundance? More money? Better health or relationships?

Let’s face it, we just came through the holiday season and we could all use a little more money. I know I sure could. No matter how many times I promise myself I am not going to overspend at Christmas, I always fail at that. And I always overindulge with the treats of the season. Not exactly an unexpected ending for me if I would just be honest with myself and my budget.

And so as I prepared for my Dream Mandala evening I found myself looking at what is lacking in my life. These thoughts are sneaky little devils, no matter how much I recognize my gratitudes each day, they slip in there sideways. Realizing this I brought them out to the forefront of my mind and shone the light on them. There I could address it honestly. It brought me back to The Course in Miracles teachings and this is where we began our Dream Mandala evening discussion.

(*In case you are unfamiliar with my Dream Mandala evenings, a Dream Mandala is a tool similar to a vision board, but much more powerful. No cutting & pasting pictures on this baby, just pure intention and feelings)

The spiritual reality of the Universe is that it is endless love, infinitely creative, has clear intention, is full of grace and beauty, is forever abundant and is expansive.  Looking to nature you will easily see this is truth. This is the beauty of life force energy manifested in our world. The Universe, source, God light, life force, chi, goddess energy….is all love and we see and feel this love when we look at the beauty of an old growth forest, a sunrise, a flower blooming, or a baby being born.

The Universe is inherently designed to meet your needs. There is no lack of this life force. Do we ever worry that an oak seed won’t grow? Given the proper conditions it always grows into an oak tree. There is no question that the seed has the life force potential to grow into a beautiful tree or that it will become a whale. The inner potential and intention waits for the conditions to be just right and then the growth begins.

So when we identify only with our physical body and its reality, rather than with our spirit and its reality we are missing the amazing beautiful half of the story. Looking at just the physical conditions in our life causes us to believe our worth is whatever is happening in that day. We look in the mirror and don’t like the way our hair looks or we feel our body weight should be better. Or we experience shortcomings in our bank account. If we are focused on this external material world then we measure our worth with that. We think we are not good enough. And how we feel is directly effects our vibration level and our power to create a life of our desires. Poverty consciousness is one of lack and scarcity and has a very low vibration. Our day to day manifested world fluctuates too much for us to look there for value. It is not possible to have success when we focus on the physical world around us. This identifying with our material world brings diminishing feelings. And we perpetuate experiences of struggle and scarcity. When your focus is on fears of the material world, your circumstances are stuck.

However when we focus on our spiritual being we are full of light and love, always. We are so much more than just our physical bodies and material experiences and we need to wake up. Your spiritual source energy is like a background program running at all times through you. You don’t need to think about it for it to be there, it is there all the time. And this spirit, your life force energy is the same energy you see all around you in nature. There is no lack, no judgment, no blame. It is an ever flowing energy always there flowing into you moment by moment. It is like a waterfall of love and all we have to do is shift our daily awareness to this instead of the outside world. We are all perfect and beautiful in spirit all the time. Focusing on this spiritual plane day to day brings a stability to our worth. Nothing varys in this light. With this focus you can create more consistently in your world.

In The Course in Miracles a shift in your perception that shifts your thinking is a miracle. And a miracle brings new possibilities, new energy and new solutions. You don’t need to find the solution you just need to have faith that a solution is possible.

When you shift your focus to your internal abundance you move away from feelings of scarcity and lack. You move into a stable space where solutions to problems come to you. You just need to stay in the feelings of trust. How could we ever tell this amazing source energy, that keeps our planets in perfect rotation around the sun, what the answer to our problems should be. We can not even begin to have awareness of all the infinite possibilites that this powerful source energy has access to.

This shift in perception allows us to put our focus into faith. Faith that the Universe will guide us. Our role is to stay in this state of mind that believes all will be well and we are filled with the abundance of love flowing openly through us. And if you begin to doubt or worry about how this could possibly happen try a little prayer to the Universe:

Dear Universe,

I know you are infinite in power and grace and I know you want joy and happiness for me. Sometimes I forget this and slide back into fears of being taken care of. Please help me return to love. Help me let go of the worry and come back to trust in this infinite power generously flowing to me from you. Help me open to and feel the love flowing to me. Amen

In A Course in Miracles prayer helps you align with Source again. It helps you have faith in the infinite and eternal number of possibilities, shining with the light of love, that the Universe has lined up for you and is constantly re-aligning you to. Faith is power. Where we put our faith directly influences what happens next.

For too long we have been absorbed with this material world, oblivious to the power of aligning with our spiritual self and beginning there first. We have been scrambling along not recognizing the association of spirit to our physical incarnation.

The Universe manifests through you, creating the highest possibilities for your joy and happiness. Returning our hearts to love opens us to these potentials. Internal abundance creates external abundance. Focus on your spiritual well. Believing and having faith that you are filled with Universal light and that there is a never ending waterfall of this energy for you, will always bring success.

Make this your mantra:

  • Spiritual Abundance Creates Physical Abundance

May 2018 bring you many wonderful creative adventures full of joy!

Happy Creating!


6 thoughts on “The Connection Between Spiritual Abundance & Physical Abundance

  1. Sally Towers-Sybblis - January 10, 2018

    Thank you for this Janice! I’m working on meditating everyday to keep in touch with my spirituality. I find my day goes a lot smoother when I do this because my perception of things is clearer. And I am much calmer. I need to follow your lead and write a post about something similar on my blog😃
    All the best to you in 2018. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    1. jgallantart - January 10, 2018

      Hi Sally, thanks for your feedback. I totally agree with you. The day goes so much smoother when we take a few minutes to meditate each morning. I will pop over to your blog and check it out. Have a great day!

    2. Crystal Love - March 8, 2020

      Thank you for sharing. I’m really confused about spiritual abundance. One day I cried and cried I asked the Universe why am I going through this I don’t understand, I then became lost driving and ended up in a field that had well over 100 turkeys. To me a turkey symbolizes abundance and I heard the spiritual abundance. Yet my children have been taken away and a karmic debt paid causing me tremendous winded heart. Even as I know it’s there choose I look around and I have no real family, no vibrational alignment friends, no home to call my own. I have to live here in this 3D world of material with no material, just spiritual abundance. I’m really confused.

      1. jgallantart - March 13, 2020

        Hello Crystal Love, thank you for reaching out. The Universe wants you to know that you do not need to punish yourself any further. Fill yourself up with love. When we hold on to guilt, shame or blame from our past we are blocking the beautiful gifts that are here for you in this earth walk. Do your work to clear out this out of your body,mind and energy field and you will find the abundance will be reflected back to you in your 3D world. You are deserving of forgiveness and so much more.

  2. Geoff Jones - January 10, 2018

    Thank you Janice. I certainly needed to read your blog post today. A beautiful reminder!

    1. jgallantart - January 10, 2018

      Its all about riding the currents of life isn’t it. And we are all here for each other. Enjoy your day Geoff!

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