Your Awakened Heart

Sometimes opportunities come along, and if you find yourself scared and excited at the same time, then it is time to take the leap!

I know you want to be living from your heart,
on the edge of creating,
feeling your heart when it is so alive,
beating wildly, excited, scared…
and in ecstatic anticipation.

This is when you are your most magnetic presence and everything starts moving forward for you in magical, unforeseen ways.

When you are chasing your desires, instead of running from fear,
in the full presence of this life – really living!
This is when you are your most powerful creative self.

And if this is where you long to be,
feeling fully alive, living each day of this precious life to your fullest,
not staying in the safe zone,
but feeling ready for the next level of potentiality,

Then you are resonating with me!

This is life – fuller, sexy, tingling with anticipation.
Ready to grow, expand, love…
and be the fully expressed you and bigger than you’ve ever been, going farther than you’ve ever gone before.

This is the youngest you will ever be.
Embrace this life.
Love this life.
You are ready!
Let’s go!

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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