A Channeled Message on Selfishness

Am I Being Selfish to Follow My Heart’s Desires?

Autumn has officially arrived and our evening of Unleash Your Desires – Autumn Equinox Guided Meditation was wonderful.
And I wanted to make sure you realized When Women Gather begins this Sunday evening at 8pm MT!

As I was journaling this morning a beautiful message came through for all of us that I want to share with you.
My intention and question was: How do I gather them together? What would you have me say?

And here is the message for all of us:

Am I Being Selfish to Follow My Heart’s Desires?

Just the power and energy that builds when you gather creates shifts in your world and for the greater good. You are the lightworkers.
That means you work aligned with the light. You bring more light into your bodies, through your bodies, grounding it into the earth. And you radiate this light out. It ripples and shifts the world.

And your own lives change as you do this. You receive first.

First it pours through into you. You receive the love, the healing, the grace, the abundance. You feel the support and connect to us. It all becomes so much more clear that you were neve alone.
And that there is so much more to this world than your physical world.

There are many layers of energy, it is all built on energy and you learn how to work with this energy.

It begins in your hearts and it begins with your heart’s desires leading you, showing you the way. And your desires are first for yourself, and that is okay. You need to fill up to be able to give. Fill up in all ways, in whatever way you need. And when you are full and the healing has laid a path in your heart then you turn and see how you can give.

You see how your light can serve and help change the world. For it already has, without you even knowing it has radiated out to those around you. In your innocence of inner focus, you are already changing the world.

And so, no, you are not being selfish to follow your heart’s desires; you are doing what you came here to do for this world. You each have your own part to do. You are each here for a purpose. And no one is exempt from this.

Do not complicate it , my child, it is so very simple. You are a diamond light and all that you desire can come to you with ease, yet you complicate it with words like being worthy or deserving. They have nothing to do with it.
You are worthy, because you are a beautiful soul light. You have always been worthy and always will be.

And yet you still make it heavy by feeling you are tarnished and undeserving for things you may have said or done in the past. The past is gone and is no more. Let it go and in this moment feel the beauty of this crystalline light shining in you and through you. You are this light, you are so much more this light than anything else. You are a diamond sparkling in light. And when you shun this you are blocking all the abundance that is here for you.

Truly there is actually no healing to do at all. You are already perfect in your light and you could shift to this alignment in a moment, in an instant.

But you feel the path of healing is needed and through this you feel more deserving of all that your heart wants. This is your form of making things right.

And it is all okay because no matter how long it takes, we re here with you. We walk with you in light.

Love always is here for you,

Join me tomorrow night, Sunday October 26th at 8pm MT, and for the next 4 weeks as we gather, receive more guidance, rise up in to the divine feminine energy and create changes in our own lives, and the world.
Click here or on the image below When Women Gather 

Have a beautiful weekend of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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  1. Jenifer Barber - September 27, 2021

    I think I am late joining so if I’ve missed the window please let me know.

    1. jgallantart - October 3, 2021

      Hi Jenifer,
      Send me a message on [email protected] and I can help you out.

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