The Creative Mystic Course – monthly payment

Welcome to The Creative Mystic Course – This is a yearly program

Email [email protected] for more information and next start date.

I am excited to invite you on a 6 month journey with me that will honor your mystic within. This is a course to learn or enhance your channeling ability for yourself through information, creative activities and group coaching.

As we journey together we will spend time on the different aspects of your divine wisdom:

  • August – I AM Worthy – Feeling the energy and learning about the different high vibrational senses
  • September -I AM Supported – You are not Alone – connecting with your allies, angels and ancestors
  • October – I AM Loved – Beginning Channeling
  • November – I AM Power in Grace & Love – Your Medicine Bag – Using tools such as oracle cards, tarot cards and more
  • December – I AM the Crystalline Light & an Expanded Being – Dream Time – Dreams, lucid dreams and past lives
  • January – I AM a Lightworker – Channeling for others

This course is $288/month. You pay $288 today for the first month.

Your next payment will be on this date next month and each subsequent month, your last payment will be at our 6 month final date. Use the link below for payment through PayPal, or etransfer to [email protected]

Be sure to contact us if you have any trouble at [email protected]



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