Asking for More

When I was bankrupt, with not enough food for groceries, the fire of my desire for more was strong and unhindered. I knew I was allowed more than this for my little family. There was no one there telling me I was wrong to want more. I was sitting in lack, and I wanted out!

And so I consciously created more. I set my intention; it was crystal clear: I wanted our own home, food on my table, a freezer full of food for my kids, and my bills paid. And I created it. We even manifested our house before the 7 years of waiting had cleared our credit (Miracles do happen)

And then, I desired more. I still did not hesitate as I had proof all around me that we could have a life that included more time, money for the occasional vacation, and money to go shopping for those items and clothes that made life comfortable. And I consciously created this. Again, money began to flow in.

When you desire a change in your life, and you have clear intentions you create it!

Now, I do need to clarify that through all this time, I did the shadow work to clear the blocks and become more self-aware. I worked hard to clear away the limiting beliefs around money and receiving.

And my life went from a struggle, immersed in lack and scarcity to one of comfort.

And I know many of you have created a life like this too. You have consciously created in your life, using the Dream Mandala and your intentions to create what you have been dreaming of.

So how do you ask for more when life is good?
How do you feel into the bigger desires?
Maybe you waver between, I don’t need that, life is so good right now, to…wouldn’t it be fun if….

I went from struggle to comfort. This is the story my manifesting was built on.

I think it is pretty easy to create a life of your desires when you are in a place of struggle.
What you want is very clear in your mind, so once you learn the steps to manifesting you see results happen!
The story that you have to struggle to receive is in every story we read as a child.
The princess has to go through the struggle to meet her prince.
Then they fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

So what happens after ‘happily ever after?’

What if we don’t want the struggle to go to our next level of manifesting?
Going from zero to the fairy tale is step one.

Step two is going from good to great. Do you need a new struggle to do this?

What if the struggle is not needed?
What if it is perfectly fine and acceptable to want more even when life is good.
What if it gets to go from good to great, and the other shoe doesn’t ever have to drop?

You can release the guilt, shame and feelings of being greedy for wanting more.
I want you to know this:

There is a difference between asking for more when there is not enough, and asking for more when there is enough.

This thought stopped me in my tracks!
Because I know…
The gifts available to you from the Universe are infinite.
There is way more there than you would ever dream of asking for.
And there is enough there for everyone.

You are not taking from anyone else when you want more.

Keep feeding your dreams ladies, don’t let them die.
Keep clearing away the debris in your mind that tells you you can’t have it, you don’t deserve it, and that life is not meant for you.

And the real secret is, the more you watch your desires manifest, the more and more grateful you are for what you have. When I was in scarcity and lack, I was not feeling grateful all the time. Yes I was grateful for my amazing husband and three beautiful kids.

But my gratitude for my life now far exceeds what I was grateful for then.
My gratitude now is what feeds my desires to keep creating more!
My gratitude now clarifies what I want to create more of.
And my manifesting is happening faster and faster because of this.

It gets to get better and better!

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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