Creative Flow to a Never Ending Waterfall

How to Unleash the Power of You

Hello my friends,

This week in my Facebook live videos, I put these questions out to you:

What is your story around abundance?
What is your story around how far you will allow yourself to go?

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I know I still have residual limiting beliefs around earning through my passion.
I still have limiting beliefs around who would pay me for this?
And around accepting money for something that comes so easy for me, especially when it doesn’t feel like work at all.

But here’s the thing, your gifts are given to you from the Universe to bring to this world.
This is how you help make our world a beautiful place.
Your passion is powerful and absolutley encouraged by spirit.
Your gifts are lighthouses guiding you to your path,
and burning desires lead to great personal expansion.

So my next questions are:
Where are you holding back in your life?
Aren’t you tired of holding back? 

It is time for you to rise up and own your power.
Aren’t you tired of checking yourself continually?
Aren’t you tired of not shining your full light?

It takes more work to hide it than it does to let it shine.

It takes courage and commitment to let your creative flow become a never ending waterfall.

What are the stories and dramas holding you back?
Why are you playing small?
How does it serve you?
How does it serve the world?

If you don’t bring the energy now…when?

We need you and your gifts. You need to shine, in whatever way that is for you.
What would feel really good to let loose in your life?
If you were living a life that was fully aligned with your power, what would it look like?
What would you be doing today?

Unleash the power within – 100%
No editing, no filtering.
Fully be you – fully embrace that power!

Is your heart yearning for more but you don’t know what that is?
And are you not sure what this would look like for you?

Then Art, Heart & Soul Weekend Retreat is exactly for you. And you know it already.
Get into clarity about your purpose, your mission, your life!
You will get committed to your life and begin showing up in a new way!
You will take your life to a new level!

And if you really want to be there, but can’t make it work then The Dream Mandala Workshop is what you need. Work at your own pace, but in a guided format with me, to get clarity around your heart’s desires. Fire up your alignment and creative flow through meditations, journal questions and finally creating your own Dream Mandala with your own personal visions for your life within it, taking your intentional manifesting to a higher vibration! Summer Solstice naturally syncs up the power of the Universe with our own intentions infusing this energy into our Dream Mandalas.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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